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During the holidays we jumped on a train to Amsterdam, not the best time of year to get some pictures if you don’t do well in big crowds.
Never the less it turned out to be a fun day out with loads of laughs and returned home with too many picts and no shopping bags..
Me a lady ?…naaaw😉
bill amsterdam

21 responses to “Reflecting

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  1. What a tremendous night scene!


  2. beautiful!


  3. Beautiful image🙂


  4. Je hebt heel economisch gehandeld door de Bijenkorf “slechts” vast te leggen en er geen honing achter te laten.🙂

    Gr. en een fijn weekend,



  5. Mezmerizing image and perfect perspective. No bags for me, either!


  6. How could you resist the temptation to do shopping?🙂
    But it is true, big cities look special during Christmas time


    • Loved the lights, but hated the crowds b n in the way all the time, think they should do a tourist free day in Amsterdam like they do a car free day sometimes , lol…wishfull thinking I suppose


  7. That’s just about as good as night-time photography gets. Great shot!


  8. What a fabulous photo of what must be an incredible scene! Glad you enjoyed your time in Amsterdam.
    And I love that you “walk step by step, at a pace that feels comfortable” …


    • Thank you LB🙂
      We sure did have a great time, despite the weather.Love the architecture and the people watching there.Hopefully when the weather will be a bit better we will go back so that I can try and take some pictures of it by how I see it……
      And thanx very much for the last comment😉..Hope all is well with you x


  9. My first thought was it looked like Vegas, but then I took a closer look and wow……….. great post.


  10. Wow, beautiful building.


  11. Magnificent building, thanks for posting. Will be spending some time in Amsterdam, planning to photograph the architecture with a Holga camera.


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