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Just a quick couple of pictures to make sure you know I’m still around * the usual daft moments* steampunk “lady” Kayleightestshot Kayleigh steampunk kay ok 3

That’s bee in the corner- ;-) ( R.E.M)   17 comments

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It’s all about the focus… ;-)   13 comments

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Steps to Adulthood   7 comments

It has been a real emotional rollercoaster for me and my family….

Having to say goodbye to my mother, taking pictures of her last days with us nearly made me wanting never to pick up the camera again… but she was proud of me doing all that I do, especially the photography, so I kept going…to show you all that I am a proud mum aswell ..of all of my 3 childeren ofcourse ..

But these pictures show how little girls grow up , saying goodbye to the ones she loved so much… and saying goodbye to a chapter of her life , having to grow too quickly but doing a great job at it..

My mum just missed it , but I bet she has been with her every step of the way..and is just as proud as this mum is …

Congratulations Kayleigh on passing your exams…..

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Summerchild   12 comments

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Holding on to letting go   4 comments

A Photograph is the pause button of Lifeletting

Look me in the eye..   5 comments

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