Whitley Bay   5 comments

beach ok

Early yawns at St.Mary’s Lighthouse   4 comments

Eventhough we didn’t get to see the sunrise we hoped for it was worth setting the alarmclock for …
The lighthouse and adjacent keepers’ cottages were built in 1898 by the John Miller company of Tynemouth, using 645 blocks of stone and 750,000 bricks. It was built on the site of an 11th-century monastic chapel, whose monks maintained a lantern on the tower to warn passing ships of the danger of the rocks. The lamp was powered by paraffin, and was not electrified until 1977, St Mary’s was by then the last Trinity House lighthouse lit by oil
sunrise at st.mary

With love in Newcastle   16 comments

Can you tell which picture gave me the title? ;-)vw milleniumbridge_vw 8 cropvw likevw 2

All the best for 2015   12 comments

I would like to wish everybody that has,
followed me, looked at my pictures,encouraged me to keep this blog going in one way or another a blessed and healthy 2015.
May it be a good one

brug ok 1

Bringing distance closer   5 comments

Took a walk not long ago, to see the last bit of colours near to the bridge in my hometown.
There’s a waterreservoir there that has been there for years and I used to go beeing a little kid.
Loved swimming in it, even a bit more scared after they had told me how deep it was.
They had a brickfactory nearby and the sand that was used making those,came from the bottom of this “lake”.
A few years ago they started building houses round it but with the bad economy and recession and all, there are at this moment more plots laying empty then houses actually been build.
That’s on of the reasons it’s not much fun going down there anymore.A lot of wildlife has dissapeared and it is only a matter of waiting and seeing if they'[ll ever return…
Must admitt , the people who are currently moving into their houses do have an amazing view…That’s if they tend to look up as I did , and notice ,just in time, the osphrey didn’t let all that constructionwork ,chase him of…and neither should I ;-)
The quality isn’t what I would have liked it to be , but am practising with a Nikor 300 on a Nikon D3100 at the moment , and still trying to get the hang o manual focusing…So a bit of playing was required ;-)


distance 2<img src="https://coast72.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/distance-3.jpg?w=300" distance 3distance 4

Lonely mornings   13 comments

lonely morning

Heaven can wait ……….   15 comments

heaven can wait

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